How To Strengthen Your Memory

Have you ever met someone who could remember several names of people in a group and wondered how they did it? Some people are just good at remembering obscure information, but there are others who use memory techniques.
You mind may be as foggy as London weather, but you can improve it by using some standard techniques in memorizing. The best memory techniques involves associating pictures with words. Pictures are easier to remember than words, because as humans we are very visually oriented.
For example, if you have just met a woman named “Kathy” you can remember her name easily by associating her name with the picture of a cat. Place the image of the cat over the image of Kathy in your mind. Whenever you see her you will remember the image and make the association to the name.
Once you understand the picture-word association technique, you can use it for more difficult memorization, such as remembering words in a group. Associate each word in the group with a picture. String the words together in a story, with you as the chief character.
Suppose you have to remember the words “box”, “picnic”, “shovel” and “horse”. The story might be, “I took a shovel and dug a hole, where I found a box. In the box was a toy horse. I brought it with me to the picnic.” Chances are you will be able to remember the words in the group after you have put them together in your own story. If you need to remember them in exact order, they should be placed that way in your story. Another fun way to do this is to create a song or poem using the words in a group you are trying to remember.
Just the exercise of trying to sharpen your mind with techniques in memorizing will help to increase brain function. Scientists say it’s important to challenge ourselves with new situations as we get older. It helps to keep the mind stimulated and healthy.